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[11:42] <marianoguerra> hi, is it possible to use requirejs with ringojs?

[11:42] <marianoguerra> I'm looking for some module library that I can reuse on the server and the client

[11:43] <marianoguerra> I tried requirejs on the browser and I like it

[13:03] <marianoguerra> ping?

[13:23] <robi42> marianoguerra: i'd recommend using ringo-modulr for commonjs modules support on the client: https://github.com/hns/ringo-modulr

[13:25] <robi42> (e.g. in conjunction with stick) https://github.com/hns/stick

[13:38] <marianoguerra> I was looking at it, one post process it and builds the module on build time and the stick plugin builds it on the fly right?

[13:41] <robi42> basically right, yes.

[19:19] <marianoguerra> sorry to insist on this, but I would like to define my modules in the requirejs way

[19:20] <marianoguerra> I was able to use requirejs in node, but if I do something similar in ringo the call to requirejs is done but the modules don't seem to be loaded

[19:21] <marianoguerra> it seems that the signal that the modules where loaded is not fired for requirejs to call the callbacks

[19:21] <marianoguerra> requirejs has some code specific for rhino but I don't know if require in ringo is different from the one assumed by requirejs

[20:14] <plainas> hey all

[20:15] <plainas> So I want to extend a java class... what would be the js squivalent for public class myCanvas extends java.awt.Canvas implements java.awt.KeyListener?

[23:19] <mcepl> am i right that mustache has absolutely no support in itself for Date display? I.e., nothing comparable to 0.7

[23:19] <mcepl> createtime | dateFormat "dd.MM.yyyy"